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Our Philosophy 

We believe that while medical errors and neglect occur much too frequently, most problems are attributable to a relatively small percentage of healthcare providers that routinely fail to take appropriate precautions to protect their patients.  Unfortunately, those responsible for these repeated failures are never held accountable by their peers or their oversight bodies.  Too often the only means of seeking accountability and answers on behalf of victims of tragic medical errors is by aggressively pursuing a civil lawsuit.  We further believe that by holding reckless providers accountable, we can help victims and their families force changes in the care where needed to help make sure such tragedies are not repeated for future patients.

Our Track Record

Jeff Powless has successfully represented victims and their families in cases involving a variety of complex medical issues. Among the more significant cases Jeff Powless has successfully handled are the following:

A hospital nurse failed to properly insert and monitor a foley catheter prior to and during a delivery, resulting in problems with incontinence.  

Physician failed to take appropriate steps to diagnose breast cancer, resulting in worsened prognosis.

A nursing home and hospice company failed to prevent and properly care for a patient who was at risk for developing pressure sores.

Nursing home failed to properly care for and monitor patient, resulting in serious urinary tract infection.

Physicians failed to address known breast lumps in patient, resulting in delayed diagnosis of cancer.  


 It is important to keep in mind that every case is different and no attorney can guarantee success in any future case. Therefore, no cases (including those listed above) can be considered "representative" of any other future case.  In selecting an attorney, you should feel free to ask them about their experience and prior cases, but also ask them how they approach their cases.  We work hard for our clients, and we are always more than happy to discuss our experience, share the details our record of success, and explain our plan for undertaking new cases. 

(Results vary depending upon individual facts of cases.)

Our Approach

While the facts of every case are different, our basic approach is not.  We attribute our success to the following:

  • We carefully scrutinize the medical records with well-qualified medical experts
  • We carefully investigate the defendants' prior history of medical errors and mistakes
  • We conduct thorough written questioning of the defendants to obtain important documents and other evidence
  • We conduct oral questioning of the defendants and other witnesses under oath before a court reporter
  • We utilize the latest technology to investigate, prepare and present our case

Let Us Help You

       If you have a question, or would like to discuss a legal matter with an attorney from our firm, we invite you to call our firm at (317) 252-0345 or toll free at (888) 922-2889.   You may also submit your inquiry to us by way of this website.  We will promptly respond to your inquiry and there is no charge for an initial consultation.

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