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Unfortunately, nursing home neglect and abuse can be a "hidden problem" because the victims are often not capable of expressing pain or reporting the neglect or abuse on their own.  Thus, it is extraordinarily important that others be watchful for any signs or symptoms of abuse.  Any one or more of the following signs could evidence nursing home abuse or neglect and warrants investigation:

  • bedsores (also known as "pressure sores", "pressure ulcers", and "decubitus ulcers")

  • skin rash

  • urine and/or feces odor

  • lack of attention to resident's personal hygiene

  • falls resulting from lack of adequate precautions or assistance

  • skin tears

  • bruises, contusions, or lesions

  • bone fractures

  • significant weight loss

  • dehydration

  • disorientation

  • depression or isolation

  • unexplained mood changes

  • fear or anxiety

  • unexplained refusal or inability to communicate

  • presence of unjustified chemical or physical restraints

If you have any suspicion that a loved one may have been the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, please feel free to contact our office using our toll-free number (888)922-2889 or by submitting a free case review request on this website.  You should also consider reporting the matter to the director of nursing and the facility administrator.  In addition, or alternatively, you may report the matter to the facility ombudsman, or notify the state and federal hotlines.  We would be glad to assist you in locating the appropriate government authorities to file a complaint.

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