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Indiana Medical Malpractice Act I.C. 34-18

Chapter 1 -- Application
Chapter 2 -- Definitions
Chapter 3 -- Need to Qualify: Qualification      Procedure
Chapter 4 -- Establishment of Financial Responsibility
Chapter 5 -- Surcharge
Chapter 6 -- Patient's Compensation Fund
Chapter 7 -- Statute of Limitations
Chapter 8 -- Commencement of a Medical Malpractice Action
Chapter 9 -- Reporting and Review of Claims
Chapter 10 -- Medical Review Panel
Chapter 11 -- Preliminary Determination of Affirmative Defense or Issue of Law or Fact; Discovery
Chapter 12 -- Liability Based on Breach of Contract; Informed Consent
Chapter 13 -- Malpractice Coverage
Chapter 14 -- Limits on Damages
Chapter 15 -- Payment From the Patient's Compensation Fund
Chapter 16 -- Evidence of Advanced Payment; Assignability of Claim
Chapter 17 -- Residual Malpractice Insurance Authority
Chapter 18 -- Attorney's Fees

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